Navigating The Storm Damage Restoration Process

Navigating The Storm Damage Restoration Process




Course Title:

Navigating the Storm Damage Restoration Process

Course Length:

2 hours

Course Overview:

Interested in adding storm restoration work to your business profile?  Gain an understanding of the storm restoration process from start to finish, learn how to get your sales people bought in and understand the good, bad and ugly of working with insurance companies and operating a storm restoration company.

Though no one likes to see a tragedy, there’s one form of work a contractor can always rely on: storm damage restoration. After Superstorm Sandy in 2015, insurance companies and FEMA paid out just under $300 million in insurance claims to rebuild flood-damaged homes. And it doesn’t take a cataclysmic event to require storm damage restoration: even the typical hailstorm can cause roof damage, and it doesn’t take a flood to know that a leaky window can cause drywall damage and mold problems.

So, who’s fixing all this damage? Could your contracting business benefit from this kind of work, and is there enough of it to support you? The good news is that, done correctly, storm damage restoration can generate huge revenues for your business. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has paid out over $81 billion since 1992, and yes, contractors have benefited from a huge chunk of that.

There is a lot of work in SDR and no real barrier to success. Storms keep happening, so restoration is always a necessity. If you do this type of work anyway, your company is already set up to handle the jobs. For example, if you normally specialize in roof replacement, your contracting business is already positioned to take on hail damage jobs. This class will show you how to leverage your business to take advantage of this ongoing revenue stream.

In this course, you will get an understanding of the good, bad, and ugly of working with insurance companies and navigating a storm damage restoration company & its processes.