NCLBGC Requirements – Average Joes Training

Average Joes Training provides all the courses you need to fulfill the annual continuing education requirements mandated by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. We’ve made it easy for you to take these required courses online, and then submit your Certificate of Completion directly to the NCLBGC for certification. 

Average Joes Training is here to make the process of completing your CE requirements quick, easy and painless. So, what exactly are your requirements? Here’s an explanation:

Why Do Need Continuing Education Courses?

In short, it is required by North Carolina General Statute 87-10.2: to ensure continuing efforts on the part of licensed general contractors to remain current with new developments in all aspects of general contracting and to encourage better business practices and safety in the profession, continuing education is required as a condition of license renewal. 

A certificate of completion of continuing education coursework is required for license renewal. Without evidence of the Board’s continuing education requirements, you cannot work legally in the state of North Carolina.

What Are My Continuing Education Requirements?

Licensed general contractors in the state of North Carolina are required to complete 8 hours of CE in order to renew a license by at least one qualifier for licensees. This includes license classifications of Building, Residential and Unclassified. For the Unclassified license, it shall be the qualifier who has passed the Building examination. These continuing education requirements do not apply to highway and utility contractors.

How many classes do I have to take?

The state of North Carolina requires 8 hours of courses, including a mandatory, 2-hour course with information about changes in laws, rules and other content applicable to general contracting. The remaining 6 hours are divided into 2-and-4-hour elective courses. The choice of these courses are at your discretion. 

A “Course Hour” is considered 50 minutes of instructional time. You do not need to take 6 separate elective courses: many courses provide multiple hours of instruction time. For example, one 2-hour and one 4-hour course fulfills the requirement for 6 course hours. Average Joes Training provides both the mandatory, 2-hour course as well as a variety of informative and relevant elective courses.

Remember, your continuing education is an annual requirement. You must take 8 hours of courses each year, including the mandatory 2-hour course. You elective courses must also be different each year (i.e. you cannot take the same classes over and over).

How long do I have to complete my requirements?

General contractors are required to have their 8 hours of continuing education completed each year. The CE year begins January 1st and ends on November 30th annually. Classes will not be offered during the month of December, so it’s important to have your CE requirements completed before December 1st.

Can I complete all my course requirements in a single day?

Yes, if you’re willing to put in the full 8 hours in a single day. There is no regulation against completing all course work in a single day. With Average Joes Training, you can either complete all your required courses in one day or break up the course work over multiple days.

…And here are a few very important points to remember!

  • A licensee shall maintain records of a qualifier’s attendance at continuing education programs for which CE credit has been approved for four years following the processing date of the renewal application to which the CE credits were applied. If you don’t have these records available if and when the Board does an audit, you will be potentially fined or lose your license.
  • Are you currently in the military and unable to complete your coursework on time? Upon receipt of a written request by or on behalf of a licensee who is currently in good standing with the Board, the Board shall grant that same extension of time for complying with renewal application deadlines, for paying renewal fees, and for meeting any other requirement or conditions related to the maintenance or renewal of the license issued by the Board. 
  • The same exemption is available for those who have filed an extension with the IRS. The applicant simply needs to furnish to the Board a copy of the extension approval by the Internal Revenue Service or by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.


Average Joes Training provides all the courses you need to fulfill the annual continuing education requirements mandated by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. Our classes were developed and taught by Joe Keller, a 20-year roofing contractor and founder of Triangle Building Company in North Carolina. Joe and his team have taken all of that knowledge and experience and used it to create continuing education courses that both educate and inspire.

All of our courses are state-approved, and Average Joes Training even provides the annual, state-mandated, 2-hour course as well, so you can get all your requirements done in one place.

If you have questions about your CE requirements, class schedules, or anything else, we’re here to help. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within a day. Thanks for your interest in Average Joes Training!