Licenses Not Renewed By March 1 Now Invalid

General Contractors who did not renew their license before March 1st, 2021, will need to complete continuing education (CE) requirements to have their license be valid. General Contractors have a 60-day grace period starting the day their license became invalid, during which a GC must complete all required coursework. Licensees with a residential or building classification will have to complete coursework to have their general contractor license renewed and active in North Carolina. 

Continuing Education Requirements for 2020 License Renewal 

Currently, the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors offers the 2020 NCLBGC 2-hour mandatory course online only in their new E-Learning format. This course is required for renewing your general contractor’s license in 2021. You can register for that training online at for $65. This is the only means of obtaining the 2020 Mandatory 2-Hour Course. 

Continuing Education Requirements for 2021 License Renewal

The 2021 NCLBGC 2-hour Mandatory course is available through many different means and providers. We here at Average Joe’s Training offer this class for $20 as part of our all-day virtual training course. (For registration details, email us at 

Please be aware that the 2-Hour Mandatory course on the NC Licencing Board of General Contractors (NCLBGC) will not apply to the current year’s license renewal process. It will be applied to the following calendar year. 

For example, suppose a general contractor needs to complete the NCLBGC Mandatory Course to satisfy the CE requirement for renewing their 2021 license. In that case, contractors must comply and complete the 2020 Mandatory Course. 

Again, please be aware the 2021 Mandatory Course will not satisfy the 2021 license renewal requirement. The 2021 Mandatory Course will only fulfill the renewal of the 2022 license. 

It is essential to know if a GC holds any license classification that does not require CE, they may visit and log in to their license account and renew their license online. As of January 1st, 2021, Applications for License to Practice General Contracting in the State of North Carolina can only be submitted online. 

NCLBGC will continue allowing online courses for general contractors

Synchronous Distance Learning (virtual classrooms) has been approved for use in meeting continuing education requirements through November 21st, 2021. With courses available online, GC’s have the opportunity to access approved classes and search provider course schedules directly on the boards’ website. If you have any questions on renewing your general contractor’s license in North Carolina or fulfilling your continuing education requirements, please email us at

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